●Notification for Novel Coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19)

A large number of patients with Novel Coronavirus have been identified. Several cases of infection have been reported in Japan as well, and there is grave concern about further expansion of Novel Coronavirus. For this reason the "Consultation desk for returnees and people in close contact with possible infected persons" has been established.

1. Before consulting the desk or a doctor, please note:
○If you have flu symptoms such as fever, refrain from going outside and don't go to school or work. ○Check your fever every date and record the temperature.

2. Who should contact the "Consultation desk for returnees and people in close contact with possible infected persons"
○People with any of these symptoms:
-Flu symptoms or fever over 37.5℃ lasting for more than 4 days (this is also valid if you have to take antipyretic drugs).
-Feeling very lethargic or have difficulty in breathing (respiratory symptoms).

○Please note: people in the conditions listed below may aggravate easily, so they should contact the "Consultation desk" if symptoms persist for 2 days.
-Elderly people
- People with primary diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory diseases (e.g. COPD) and people undergoing dialysis.
- People on medication for immunosuppressant or anticancer drug.

(Information for pregnant women)
Pregnant women may aggravate easily, so they should consult the "Consultation desk" as soon as possible.

((Information for parents)
There is no report yet saying that children aggravate easily, so please follow point 2 above.

○Please note: the number of people infected with other diseases, like flu, is larger than the ones infected with Novel Coronavirus. If you have flu symptoms, please visit your doctor as usual.

3.After consultation:
○Please visit only the hospital recommended by "Consultation desk" and refrain from going somewhere else.
○ When you go to hospital, please be sure to wear a mask, wash your hands and respect the cough etiquette (cover your mouth and nose with a mask, tissues, handkerchief or your sleeves whenever you sneeze or cough).

Information of the "Consultation desk for returnees and people in close contact with possible infected persons" is as below:

Kyoto prefecture

Consultation desk for returnees and people in close contact with possible infected persons, Special consultation desk about Novel Coronavirus.
Information about the Novel Coronavirus

Kyoto city

Special consultation desk about Novel Coronavirus(Japanese only)
Available 24/365
Kyoto city official website
[Emergency information] Information about Novel Coronavirus infection
Japan Visitor Hotline
TEL: 050-3816-2787
Available 24/365
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

About Novel Coronavirus infection
from 9 AM to 9 PM
Questions and answers about new-style coronavirus

For foreign patients who seek treatment from our hospital

We are located within 5 minutes walk from Kyoto station, and accept 1,000 foreigners annually.
We provide safe and secure medical practices on the basis of our past experiences.


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FAX +81-75-361-7602

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※ Parking is not available. Please use public transportation.
When visiting by car, please use public parking areas near the hospital.

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last-update : 2020.2.18